Monday, July 19, 2004

2 Poems by Charles A. Livingston

Midnight Sunset

A brillant gleam of golden hue
For miles around in perfect view,
Like a midnight sune - a fiery pot
From here our Seamless pipe is wrought.

On flickering waters glow the light
Reflections of an industrial might,
From here beneath the rolling hills
Are towering furnaces and busy mills.

Where united men of skill we see
Change ore to steel by metallurgy,
And father and son - side by side
In safety, work to turn the tide.

And leaders gather with their men
A working man in their best friend,
Our fellow man need one another
A truth eventually to discover.

Lets keep this sunset shining bright
A guiding beacon in the night,
From where it glows there will be
A sign of peace and prosperity.

My grandmother's handwriting on this poem notes: This poem was written expressly for National Works Bessemer Converter, McKeesport, PA.

Operation Crossroads

As we stood upon the flagship
While the clock was ticking away,
The fateful moment had arrived
The world had awaited this day.

Even as we stayed at a distance
We felt the tremor of the blast,
As the sky lit up a golden hue
The tension of waiting had passed.

What good would be a strong navy
We will know at Bikini lagoon,
Has this world suddenly awakened
To learn of its secrets too soon.

Have we arrived at the crossroads
To lead us to the green pasture,
Or will this weapon detroy us
Because we were not its master.

Let us pray for a new era
When wars will eventually cease,
Let "Operation Crossroads" be the key
To open the door of peace.

Charles A. Livingston of Duquesne, PA was born in Everett, PA on June 8, 1907. Son of Sarah Whited and Charles Augustus Livingston (police chief of Dravosburg, PA in the 1930s), he married Emelie Ursin and together they had five children. At the time of his death on January 18, 1976, he was a retired employee in the Time and Production department of U.S. Steel Corporation. According to a recent discovery of a small notebook he had interests in tracking and predicting life/event cycles as well as palm reading.

Charles was my grandfather.


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