Monday, July 12, 2004

Life of a Poet, Part 3

I got an e-mail from an old poet friend I met during my brief stint at Pitt. He's a high school English teacher now. He wrote "We should get together soon (before the school year lets loose) & you can rub it in my face about your publishing & writing career.  And, I'll tell you about wiping kids' noses & kissing principal's asses.  Sigh."

As if my "career" (giggle) entails anything other than wiping noses and kissing asses. Actually it does, sometimes I have to [fill in blank] but that's not so bad once you get used to doing it.

In fact, I've been working overtime in the ass kissing department in regard to an upcoming project (check back for an announcement here in a few weeks, currently still classified as top secret peanut butter and jelly). Most folks have been extremely gracious with my dainty lips pressed on their sweet cheeks. Of course my partner in crime has not been quite as lucky having to deal with one plug who wanted her to [fill in blank].

Last night I did an online I-Ching readings and it gave me some important advice: "Regardless of your position, humility is a positive and deceptively powerful attribute. If you are in a high position but are still humble, people will be drawn to you and the causes you espouse. If your position is lowly, humility will endear you to those of higher status. True humility is a virtue to which all should aspire."

Nothing new, but it's important to remember.


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