Friday, September 10, 2004

Vermont Foilage Report

Looks like we're going to be a week or two early for the real changing.


September 7th, 2004

George Buzzell, Orleans County (Northern Vermont): This season is promising much beauty. Already, the red maples are displaying scattered magentas, which is something not emphasized every year. Individual other maples -- “signal" trees” -- are also whispering "good things" to eyes eager for colors beyond imagination. Thus far, Vermont's 2004 foliage season appears right on schedule.

David Paganelli, Orange County (East Central Vermont): Only very minor color (< 1%) so far in Orange County but these cool nights and sunny days make it feel like Fall. Due to above-average rainfall this growing season, pastures and hayfields are lush and bright green, almost like the bright green of Spring. Trees are healthy, with lush full crowns. This has the makings of a banner foliage season.

Brian Stone, Chief of Forest Management, State of Vermont: A trip to Burlington (Northwestern Vermont) on Monday revealed the early tinges of fall color creeping onto the landscape. A cloudy, gray day didn't enhance it at all but the discerning eye can begin to see the early signs. A red maple tinged with burgundy, a very scattered sugar maple here and there, beginning the turn to yellow and a lawn tree or two with leaves on the ground portending the change to come.

Russ Barrett, Washington County (Central Vermont): Not much happening in Washington County that I have seen with the exception of spotty color in excessively wet areas or where trees are showing signs of stress.

Jim White, Bennington County (Southern Vermont): Early color in soft maples in the wetlands along Route 9.

Jim Tessman, Franklin/Grand Isle Counties (Northwestern Vermont): Not much is happening yet. Some of the swamps like Fairfield swamp off Route 36 have some color (mostly red).

Ray Toolan, Lamoille County (North Central Vermont): Other than a little early color in isolated spots, there is nothing to report at this time other than it is a beautiful time to ride the ridges.

Jon Bouton Windsor County (Southeastern Vermont): Only very scattered trees with colors other than green in Windsor County.


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One thing I remember from my honeymoon in early October last year is that was the most expensive two weeks of the year there. I never saw so many junk stores in my life. Where do they buy new stuff? And paint yer damn houses!


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