Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Night!

Just watched the Steelers lose their 3rd pre-season game with my dad. Even though he has TiVO (thanks to me), he still watches a lot of TV live so I'm seeing something I don't see that often: commercials.

There's a disgusting one from Dominos where a little girl hugs a walking square-turdlike object fronting as a brownie. The unfortunate hug results in the girl getting covered with what I presume is supposed to be chocolate.

I change too many diapers to consider that even remotely appetizing, but find it a fitting advertisement for Dominos.

I'm in Pittsburgh for my favorite cousin's wedding. Monday is Burlesque and Tuesday I reunite with Chris and Gideon, already at the beach, and will no doubt be expected rub salve on burnt bums.

But while I'm free and dangerous in the motherland, I'm totally hooking up with a mullet-man.

Or maybe this guy.


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