Tuesday, September 12, 2006

2 print proofs down (er ordered), 2 to go. Waiting on covers and in one case, proofreading marks. Now I haven't seen any of the proofs yet, but expect all four books to be released on schedule in early October. All four books will be available on Lulu immediately, the two longer collections (Covey's and Potvin's) will also be available on Amazon, B&N, Powell's in the following weeks for a higher "retail" price (the booksellers/distributor take a big cut). As always, I suggest people buy books on Lulu. The price is better, the paper weight of the books is a little heavier and No Tell Books clears more money. But buy them however you like. The chapbooks don't have ISBNs and will only be available on Lulu or via the author.

No Tell Books will probably offer yearly subscriptions on the site -- (all the books published in a year for one low price) -- but that's the only order fulfillment I'll personally be handing.

Hopefully the website will be ready by then.


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