Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thank You and We're Somewhat Flattered to be Mentioned

No Tell gets a little pat on the rump from Stephen Burt at Harriet today.

For example, No Tell Motel, where the poet of the week is Janaka Stucky, of whom I had never heard before. The No Tell folks seem to like poets with humor or sex-- ideally, both-- who write fast-moving, too-fast-to-be-narrative, free verse. There are many more poets in the archives, many of them at least somewhat talented, I'd say-- most of them at least entertaining or witty-- a few of them potentially very popular (not necessarily the ones I like!)-- and very few of them already well-known. Skip through it one day. You're going to find something you like.



At 4:33 PM, Blogger Don said...

This is a nice mention on Harriet, which I bet many working poets read, as well as some random poetry readers, but I think it was a little hedging, with the "somewhat talented" bit. I think I've seen that characteristic in some critics -- being too cautious in one's approval for fear of being seen as too enthusiastic.

At 4:36 PM, Blogger Reb said...

Oh I got a kick out of it and am happy he mentioned us -- somewhat and all.

At 4:47 PM, Blogger shanna said...

i think he meant me. i'm only somewhat talented. hic.

At 4:48 PM, Blogger shanna said...

[as in hiccup, not as in steve is a hick, cuz he's not! i'm the hick!]

At 5:54 PM, Blogger Aaron said...

He definitely meant me when he said "somewhat talented." I'm sorry to bring you down, rebaroni!


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