Thursday, May 01, 2008

Poetry Mag Updates

New issue of Moria at

Poetry by: Jesse Ferguson, Mary Kasimor, Davide Baptiste Chirot, Andy Nicholson, Geof Huth, Laurel Ransom, William Garvin, Diana Magallon and Jeff Crouch, Steve Roggenbuck, Mark Young, Andy Gricevich, Eric Weiskott, Laura Harper, Thomas Fink, Raymond Farr, Michael Crake, John Lowther, Kyle Schlesinger, and Adam Strauss.

Reviews: Mark Wallace on Maryrose Larkin, Aileen Ibardaloza on Eileen Tabios, Jake Kennedy on Andrea Baker.

* * *

The May issue of The Scrambler is out featuring an interview and artwork by Didi Menendez, poems by Davide Trame, John Findura, Aaron Dailey, Greg Luce, a story by Shyner Nybok, a movie review of Lars and the Real Girl by Heather Craig, photographs of wire sculpture by Ruth Asawa and our monthly Playlist.

* * *

No Tell Motel's reading period is open during the month of May. Please read the submission guidelines and some of the work already published before submitting. And if we do publish your poems, for goodness sake, don't e-mail on Monday in a panic because only *one* of your poems is appearing. Do you know how many times that happens? Do you know how exasperating that is?


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