Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Grubby Hands Update

My Zorba by Danielle Pafunda (Bloof Books)

Irresponsibility by Chris Vitiello (Ahsahta Press)

American Spikenard by Sarah Vap (University of Iowa Press)
Dummy Fire by Sarah Vap (Saturnalia)

Rarer and More Wonderful by Trevor Calvert (Scrambler Books)

Necropolis by Jill Alexander Essbaum (neoNUMA Arts)

Kyotologic by Anne Gorrick (Shearsman)

When You Bit... by Adam Fieled (Otoliths)

Love, Like Pronouns by Rosmarie Waldrop (Omnidawn Publishing)

The Window Facing Winter by Gerry LaFemina (New Issues)

Stratification by Meghan Punschke (BlazeVOX)
Imposture Notebook by Lance Phillips(BlazeVOX)
American Field Couches by Bill Freind (BlazeVOX)
Musee Mechanique by Rodney Koeneke (BlazeVOX)
The Ecstasy of Capitulation by Daniel Borzutzky (BlazeVOX)
Field of Wanting: Poems of Desire by Wanda Phipps (BlazeVOX)
Walking Dreams: Selected Early Tales by Mark Wallace (BlazeVOX)
The Blind Chatelaine's Keys: Her Biography Through Your Poetics by Eileen R. Tabios (BlazeVOX)

Not So Fast Robespierre by Geoffrey Gatza (Menendez Publishing)

The Name Encanyoned River: Selected Poems 1960-1985 by Clayton Eshleman (Black Sparrow)

Borrowed Love Poems by John Yau (Penquin)

Ainu Dreams by George Quasha (Station Hill Press)

After the Poison by Collin Kelley (Finishing Line Press)

Uncle's South China Sea Blue Nightmare by Lamont B. Steptoe (Plan B Press)

Trouble and Honey by Jilly Dybka

Riverine: An Anthology of Hudson Valley Writers by Laurence Carr (Codhill Press)

First Light: Mother and Son Poems: A Twentieth-Century American Selection by Jason Shinder (Harvest Books)

Language for a New Century: Contemporary Poetry from the Middle East, Asia, and Beyond by Nathalie Handal, Tina Chang (Norton)

Mantis: A Journal of Poetry, Criticism & Translation Issue 7

If you want to know more about what I'm currently reading and my impressions, I'm on Goodreads.



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