Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Wisdom Puffs

You can sleep when
the Mexicans

convert the Mayan
temples into ski slopes.

Hot sandy runs
of fun.

* * *

Cows screw like people
like people who watch

way too much

* * * *

Don’t smoke those angels'
haloes – your whole future

rotates above
their soft skulls, sticky blue

ice cream, all artificial
all cancerous.

* * *

The Sexy Years:
a few good parties

washed down by way
too much boxed wine.

The Spandex Years:
never as good

as you thought
you looked.

* * *

Every sector, a genius,
dumb asses in every field

and their victims
everyone else in between

enough to carpet
every McDonalds in moss.

* * *

Hah, hah rubber bullets
hah, hah, what an invention.

These non-lethal techniques
sure do hurt!

These less-lethal techniques
sure do sting!


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