Friday, June 25, 2004


Wrote some poems at the retreat, some silly, some not. I'll post a few over the coming days.

Apologies for Ice

No bread crumbs or constellations
I see nothing
Except thick trunks, leafy branches
Now is not the time for snow
But I pray for it anyway
It’s crisp and puts me sleep
Charm brings distrust
Wolves, June fools
It’s almost July
Grandma passed away, the wolf
Missed his chance and
Doesn’t know what to do with himself
I squandered mine
Fill freezer trays with water
Stockpile limes just in case
You stop by for a vodka tonic
You’re busy demonstrating your
Quaint breeding for elegant cruelty
Ignore, then apologize beautifully
Seize upon the cold retort
Now I’m the asshole swinging the
Hatchet with no regard for school children
So I bide my time sipping seltzer with the
Animal meant to gobble Grandma
People judge, disapprove
Yet he was the only one to
Send a condolence, start a dialogue
I’m lonesome with no one else
My winter valley upbringing
Taught me all skiers end up
Dead, twisted in the gully
Their locust eyes frozen like feelings
Still able to gaze upon our abundant short comings
As we pile their corpses on the wagon
Which is why my people
Keep their love on a switch
Flip it off and tape it down
Too bad about electricity
Once I was thankful for it
I will be again in
Another life, said sadly, fondly


At 4:41 AM, Blogger Tony said...

Reb, YES.

Put this in your Jackal and smoke it.

Beautiful poem.



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