Monday, August 16, 2004

The Big Announcement

OK, OK, the prolonged strip tease is over, time for the goodies:

With great fanfare and the cutting of ribbons we announce the opening of No Tell Motel, an online poetry journal. Edited by Reb Livingston and Molly Arden, No Tell Motel features a new poet each week, a new poem every weekday. Each year will see the publication of 52 poets and 260 poems. Featured poets in August and September will be Jennifer Michael Hecht, Anthony Robinson, Karl Parker, Heidi Lynn Staples, Shanna Compton and others.

Jennifer Michael Hecht is our first featured poet. Every day this week we'll publish a new poem by Jennifer. Next week our featured poet will be Anthony Robinson, every day we'll publish a new poem by him. And so on.

Why a New Poem Every Day? Why Not Do Issues or One Weekly Post?

Our intention is to give each poet and his/her work the in-depth attention it deserves. Publishing a new poem each day encourages frequent traffic and repeat visits (as opposed to putting it all up at once and having the journal remain static any length of time).


Related Business:

To the select few who have been "in the know" and sworn to secrecy. Thank you for your discretion. The duct tape has been removed. Blab away. Please, blab to all your friends. Please link to No Tell Motel.

You don't need to ask me if it's OK if you submit, yes please do, but before you send anything, please follow our Submission Guidelines. They're a little specific. If it turns out we have to decline using your submission, please keep this in mind: I *loved* your poems and really wanted to use them, but that damn Molly . . . well, sometimes there's just no pleasing her.

Special thanks to Nancy King for the sassy web design and Chris Morrow for his 24 hour technical support. Both of them deserve sainthood for putting up with our nitpicky requests and last minute changes. We are extremely grateful to all the poets who so graciously agreed to submit their work before seeing the finished product. I personally would like to thank Molly, for her counsel and for being such a straight shooter.


At 10:21 AM, Blogger Peter said...

Please ask your technical gremlins to make sure that No Tell Motel has an RSS or Atom syndication feed so that I can read these poems without dragging my fat virtual ass up from my syndication reader couch.


At 12:34 PM, Blogger Abulsme said...

It looks great! I'll be checking in periodically. And once I have a site again I'll link to it. :-)

At 3:24 PM, Blogger Reb said...

Pete, there is an automated RSS feed, but because we customized things it's all wonkie. Chris will look into it this evening and try to get it working properly. I'll put an update here when its straightened out.

At 6:23 PM, Blogger Phatback said...

Damn, I got to write four more Altoums?


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