Wednesday, September 15, 2004

My Latest Opportunity to Sell a Story to the Tabloids

I just got news from Greg that a mutual friend from CMU is on ABC's new reality show, The Benefactor. Actually I hadn't even heard of the program until I looked it up on my Tivo. I missed tonight's episode, but got a season pass for the rest. Hopefully Spencer didn't get booted off the first episode.

Now I never dated Spencer, but a few weeks after his failed bid for Student Senate President he did send me a witty and marvelously charming e-mail asking me out. Of course I figured his rise to power failed so I declined. I was 20 years old and didn't have time to hitch my wagon to a mere footnote in history. Guess I wasn't a very good judge afterall. Looks like Spence has a few more footnotes left in him!

Speaking of history, someone suggested I was a "midwife to history" for publishing Molly Arden's work.

Speaking of men I did date (like a really long time ago), congratulations to Marcus and Cecilia and welcome to their new son, James.

Update 1:54 a.m.: According to the episode guide: "Mark admits that Spencer and Shawn came close to being cut, but it's really down to William and Grayson;"

And according to Greg: "Well, Spencer screwed up right away, but he's still going... He didn't call the game "stupid" like the first guy axed, but he did fail to stand up for the women when they came in. "Spencer, you screwed up again!" Mark yelled from the control room."

Chris predicted that this woman will "kill Spencer."

To which Greg replied, "Well, after Linda came out of her interview, Spencer asked her how it went. She said, "He asked who the biggest ass was. I told him, 'Spencer.'"

"Spencer kept railing on how much of a risk-taker he is. "I'm a big-time risk-taker." And he uses "lame" a lot."

Greg concluded with, "I'll also note that Spencer pronounced Jenga more like 'jinga.'"

So not only does Spencer look exactly the same, it sounds like he is exactly the same.

This is much cooler than Pat's (from the Right Angle) brief and disappointing appearance on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.


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