Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Not Missing Much

Yeah, this blog has been quiet over MLK weekend. Which is good because it would just be a bitchfest. Consider silence my favor to you, dear reader.

In brief (sort of):

Friday morning I tried to take a shower. No hot water. Water heater died. This shit isn't funny anymore. I'm sick of crap breaking, bursting, leaking, whatever. The credit cards are maxed. Every time I clean, a new construction mess crops up. I am a beaten woman. Oh house, you are mightier than me. I give up. Victory is yours.

Marcus came over with Chick Filet for lunch and that took my mind off it for a little while. His wife had a baby in September and he made a few suggestions for the nursery. He also took some pictures of me (but hasn't sent them yet). It wasn't until after he took most of them that we realized one of my porn star sized breasts was popping out of my blouse. Oh, he probably noticed the entire time but was being, what do you call that, oh yes, a gentleman and not saying anything until after the photos were snapped.

Our fancy front loading washing machine and dryer arrived that afternoon too. These are wonderful machines. Marcus had laundry envy. He's in charge of laundry at his house now.

Friday evening Chris and I went to Home Depot and bought a water heater. I was a little worried about the installation and secretly called my father to inquire whether or not he thought this was a do-it-yourself project. He said it was, I felt guilty and fessed up to Chris.

TB came over and helped Chris carry it out of the car and downstairs. About 30 minutes into the project Chris realized he had the wrong connectors. Had to wait until morning when Home Depot opened up again. Went to TB's apartment and showered.

Saturday morning Chris worked some more on the water heater and then we went to the first day of a four hour child birth class at the hospital. "Everything you didn't know you needed to ask" it claimed. For instance, an expectant couple needs to view a series of gnarly breach baby pictures. Apparently there's something reassuring viewing a picture of a baby's foot sticking out of a vagina. I suppose I'm a big drama queen because the nurse teaching the class found it necessary to announce to the entire class that I looked distraught. Yes, shower me with some unpleasant and embarassing attention. That ought to calm me down.

Speaking of shower, I was really looking forward to taking one Saturday evening. After the class, we did some errands, ate dinner and Chris went back to work on the water heater. He was almost finished with it (at around midnight) when a copper pipe cracked. Project stalled for the second night.

Sunday morning Chris finished installing the water heater and it's wonderful. Showers, laundry, dish washer, effective hand washing, all wonderful things. I commented that I hoped this was last broken thing we had to deal with for a while and Chris said that while he was downstairs he realized the humidifier was broken too and that's why lately we keep shocking ourselves when we touch. Oh, I thought that was just the too-hot-to-handle passion of an expectant couple.

Sunday afternoon we went to the final child birth class and I did my best not to make any attention grabbing faces. I learned the hospital is going to give me some fancy black mesh panties from Victoria's Secret.

Today we went to Next Day Blinds to check on those blinds we ordered in September. The latest estimate is the 19th. We picked up a back-up blind design (that they had in stock) and I'm sure I'll be ordering those come Weds.

Basically, "we're ready" -- we have everything (we think) we need and it's all set up, so if I give birth right now we'll be OK. The baby bathtub should arrive tomorrow, but I learned I won't be able to give him a bath until his belly buttom stump falls off. His book shelf will arrive later this week too, but it turns out he won't see too well the first few month so I guess reading won't initially be high on his priority list. If he asks where it's at, I'll take advantage of the situation and say "It's right over there, see."

Thanks child birth class!


At 2:23 PM, Blogger Third Street said...

Your kid probably won't be reading himeself until at least the fifth month so don't worry about the bookcase. A copy of "Good Night Moon" and "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" We're gonna catch a big one, oh I'm not scared..."should do you. At a certain age they just love these little board books with photographs of puppies and cats. Also, they like the ones with photos of babies. My babies are 7 and 13 now but my sister is about to adopt so I'm getting back into the swing of baby things.

At 12:10 AM, Blogger Reb said...

The book rack arrived unscathed and is now mounted. I wish I could say the same thing about the bath tub. Who ships a plastic tub in a bag with no cushioning materials? Babies R Us, that's who. It arrived shattered in pieces. I guess it's the hose for Gideon.

At 9:29 AM, Blogger 32poems said...

Weird. I think I went to junior high school with your friend Marcus. We both had "A" last names and sat near each other in homeroom -- if this is the same guy.

At 1:23 PM, Blogger Reb said...

Deb, if you went to jr. high school in Rockville or Bethesda, it probably is him. He was a big nerd back then. Actually, he's a big nerd now too. Basically, any dude I claim friendship with is most likely a big nerd. Nerds and I have an inexplicable cosmic connection.

At 3:47 PM, Blogger 32poems said...

Yep, it must be him. If you think of it, pass along a "hi" from me.


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