Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Some More Navel Gazing


I'm glad to see so many of yinz got my back. And I've got my big sister looking after me so anyone who actually knows Reb would know better than to talk smack. We come from a scrappy family.

My last two weeks of good times and revelry have screeched to a halt as I am fully back in the grind of the 60-70 hour workweek of a contract attorney. Well, of a contract attorney who is only mildly ambitious as some people work more hours than that, but my sanity is worth that few hundred dollars a week I'm missing out on. My friend emailed offering tickets to Green Day at Merriwether Post Pavillion tonight, which would be awesome if it weren't for the weather forecast of storms and mini-tornados. I'm sure that's the reason she was unloading them to begin with.

For fans of reggae and hip hop in DC, my friend Deidre has organized a showcase of local talent, including DJ New York, Mr. Flash Gordon, and Misty Heaven amongst others. That's this Thursday 9/1 at Fasika's Nightclub in Adams Morgan. 2447 18th Street. Doors open @ 10 p.m.


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