Thursday, May 18, 2006

My allergies are making me miserable.

New pilates instructor yesterday -- I fear there's going to be issues. She kept cracking corny jokes and I wouldn't give her the polite ha-ha smile. At one point she said "That's funny!" to indicate she just told a joke. I knew it was intended as a joke, but what it really succeeded in was annoying me. Stop trying to impress me with your wit and get back to reminding me about tightening my ass.

Behind on submissions. In the past month three poets who we extended offers to publish then informed us that some of the poems were accepted elsewhere. We accept simultaneous submissions -- but we expect to be notified immediately if the poems aren't available anymore. This happens from time to time, but never at this rate. I don't like "no simultaneous submission" rules -- but was toying with the idea after all the time spent on submissions we haven't been able to use or have to reconsider with new additional poems. I'm surly because we've received so many submissions these past few months and we're having a difficult time keeping up. Changed the response time from 2 - 6 to 2 - 8 weeks. Once the general queue is cleared out, we'll start reading the pervy poems.

That ought to cheer me up.


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