Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Google Search for the Day

how to tell if your son is the anti-christ

Shoot, nothing appropriate. Somebody really should have put together one of those helpful online quizzes.

I saw the trailer for the new Omen movie and thought "That's just Gideon with a little Grecian Formula."


At 6:41 AM, Blogger J.B. Rowell said...

Ha! This is hilarious and an actual secret fear of mothers, my sweet Little Prince with the blonde halo of hair can say the darndest, darkest things.

I will NOT go see the Omen!

At 7:10 AM, Blogger J.B. Rowell said...

Reb - just to let you know, I posted in reference to this post on my blog . . . thanks for the inspiration! ;)


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