Saturday, August 26, 2006

More Pgh Debauchery

What does one do when she has the whole morning to herself?

She goes to Monroeville Fucking Mall for a manicure!

The last time I got a manicure at Monroeville Mall it was 1993. Nothing has changed. The salon is still called 90's Nails and their slogan is still Get that 90's Look.

And I think I did.

I asked the manicurist to round the tips of my nails, but she told me no, only old ladies rounded their nails.

So I have a french manicure with sharp square tips.

Well that's one deterrent to nose picking.

Also, today was the grand opening of a new department store.

I got:

* A disposable camera (forgot mine at home)

* A free drink with my pretzel

* Yelled at for taking a piece of chocolate off a plate (I was supposed to wait and let the candy lady hand it to me for sanitary reasons -- oops)

I did not:

* Wait in line and spin the Chick a fila wheel for free food

* Find a copy of APR at either Barnes and Noble or Borders (I'm told my name appears in lights and wanted to see)

I did all this wearing my Mom - P[o]et tee.

Somebody has to represent.


At 3:13 PM, Blogger Laine said...

Not Monroeville Mall!
I don't think I've been back there since I had to buy a dress to go to my dad's wedding in 1989. And I only went then because I couldn't find anything I liked in Lafayette, Indiana. Go figure.

At 11:00 AM, Blogger Radish King said...

I got a manicure at a place called Lavish Nails. I haven't stopped thinking about that name since. They treated me like a Nazi war criminal because my nails were short when I went in (do you bite? no, I do not bite) and I asked them to make them shorter. Trust me, it was worse than touching the chocolate.


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