Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sent to me by Josh Hanson:

Susie Bright on the Blogher conference:

Well, if American men today wrote about their reproductive life and sexual mind, their journalism would be treated like the finest prose and argument. "Andrew Sullivan, please accept our Pulitzer for your work on man-o-pause."

Dream on. In the real world, when a woman writes with grace or clarity about her female passage, it's considered obscene or trivial— definitively not safe for work or men's imaginations.

When I produced the first g-spot ejaculation movies with my friends in the 80s, we were told that our videos were "fetish" that could not be legally distributed anywhere in the country.

It's biological female sexual response. Why is a woman's orgasm considered an obscenity?

Why are women nursing their children considered a prelude to a sex panic?

Why is a woman writing anything about abortion politics considered NSFW on the Web?

Remember when AOL shut down the chat room for breast cancer survivors, because they used the word "breast"?

And yes, we watch the news about children being bombed to bits, skin flambeing off their bones, because it's all Absolutely Safe for Work, as long as you don't show any woman's tits.


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That's awesome. Ans so true it's not even funny but it is.


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