Friday, October 20, 2006

Long Overdue Grubby Hand Update

Cornstarch Figurine by Elizabeth Treadwell (Dusie Press)

Anne Boyer's Good Apocalypse (effing press)

Little Ones, by Anne Boyer

inverse by Maryrose Larkin (nine muses books)

Hitler's Mustache by Peter Davis (Barnwood Press)
Poet's Bookshelf edited by Peter Davis (Barnwood Press)

Property Line by Joseph Massey (Fewer & Further Press)
the Breaks by Christopher Rizzo (Fewer & Further Press)
February by Aaron Tieger (Fewer & Further Press)
Platinum Blonde by Michael Carr (Fewer & Further Press)

Secret But Kept It Room by Mike Gubser (ahadada books)

A Projection of Frankensex by Allyssa Wolf
Right Now the Music and the Life Rule by Jon Leon

The Final Nite by Steven Dalachinsky (Ugly Duckling Presse)
Carbon by Michael Ford (Ugly Duckling Presse)
Instants by Philip Metres (Ugly Duckling Presse)

Readings @ the Contemporary 2004-2005 (Observable Books)

Flag, by Noah Eli Gordon (Big Game Books)
The Truth About Canada, by Zachary Schomburg (Big Game Books)
Why Do Some People Burn With the Gift of Love When, by Stacy Szymaszek (Big Game Books)
Give Me a Foot, by Jen Tynes (Big Game Books)
Dreamscape or-, by Julia Drescher (Big Game Books)
See it Everywhere, by K. Lorraine Graham (Big Game Books)
99 Cent Heart, by Ada Limon (Big Game Books)
Statues, by Kate Greenstreet (Big Game Books)
Flowers in Miniature, by Chris Pusateri (Big Game Books)
Monday, Monday, by Nate Pritts (Big Game Books)
Heat the Milk, by Brett Evans (Big Game Books)

inch Fall 2006, Issue 1 (Bull City Press)

If you sent something recently and I omitted it above, it's not a slight, just my disorganization -- send me and e-mail and I'll list it.



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