Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm trying to get NaPoMoWri ahead because we're going to Austin this weekend for a wedding. I'll try to write while I'm out there, but who knows if I'll be able. Those of you who attended the AWP pajama party met the bride and groom, Brent & Trisha, the gracious hosts who invited us into their new home. Well they're finally making each other honest.

The tartriffic Jill Essbaum will at the wedding, as will my one-time loverboy Marcus and his wife. Marcus and I dated for two and a half years and we were in love, then we broke up and he went to Toronto for a day and bought himself a leather jacket and from there on his life drastically improved. He's a testament to the power of post-break-up makeovers.

Don't have time to look now, but somewhere I have a photograph of Marcus and me reading The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin for our Character Ideals in American History course. Marcus was a computer science major, but we took history and astronomy classes together -- and sometimes, it was so beautiful, but mainly it was really annoying.

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At 1:40 PM, Blogger TB said...

If you want your copy of The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin back sometime, just holla. I've probably had it since '93.


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