Friday, June 01, 2007

This Week's Incidents

Gideon finally confirmed what we suspected for a long time. He indeed knows how to use eating utensils and been doing so for months at daycare.


Big argument in local coffee shop. Thought I was being the nice mom by buying a push-up sherbert treat. Never considered how much the push-up stick looks like a straw. Gideon kept holding it upside down and trying to drink from it, while sherbert dripped all over. I kept showing him the sherbert, licking it, trying to get the sherbert close to this mouth, flipping the push-up right side up -- firmly establishing my assholey mommy position. The dispute only resolved itself once I gave him my iced tea and ate the damn Scooby Do Rainbow Push-Up myself.


Did not score free tickets to tonight's Dave Attell HBO special taping. Chris' fantasies of "bum rushing" the stage are dashed.

But we still have a sitter for the evening . . . (happy dance)


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