Saturday, September 08, 2007


In the Fall 2007 issue of Bitch Magazine:

Navigate, Amelia Earhart's Letters Home Rebecca Loudon [No Tell Books]

Rebecca Loudon's vivid evocation of one of history's most beloved female heroes has Amelia Earhart addressing everyone from her parents to her piano teacher in a series of poems that ring with the interrupted immediacy of found texts. There's an interesting tension between the chapbook's title and the poems themselves, as well as, of course, the backstory--as if Loudon's Earhart had found her navigation skills entirely intact nearly 60 years after her disappearance into the ocean. The vibrancy in poems like "Where are you Fred?" resurrects her passion for flight as well as the reader's longing for her discovery" "the bright sea / you punched my arm / you said the fuel tanks / bubble with champagne." -- Julia Bloch



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this makes me happy.

thanks oh brilliant editor.

the other rebecca

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