Saturday, November 03, 2007

In NY for Tender Buttons and Tender Vittles engagement party. TV mentioned his new moniker on this blog to his relatives -- basically how I don't sully their good Google-searchable names here. They're respectable lawyer-types and it wouldn't be nice to alert future employers, creditors, etc. that they fraternize with an enraged underpants-obsessed blogging mommy-poet. This decision is not completely out of kindness. I don't want them to be able to pin any failures in life on me as leverage to borrow money or move into my basement.

One of TV's relatives asked about my own blogging moniker. I explained that I was poet, an enraged underpants-obsessed blogging mommy-poet at that, so there's no need to concern myself with such frivolous things as the esteem of others. She asked what Gideon's moniker was and I explained he had none for his name was sullied from birth, being that he was born to me, enraged underpants-obsessed blogging mommy-poet. She inquired about my respectable-in-appearance husband and his blog moniker and I further explained that Christopher Lawrence Morrow, recent Google hire, i.e. Noogler, sullied his good name the day we married and one of my missions is to continue to add to the sullification of his easily Googleable name.

Cause that's what marriage means to me.

Congratulations TB & TV.



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