Tuesday, January 08, 2008

This afternoon we go to our first preschool open house. When I was a kid you signed your kid up for preschool a couple months before the school session and that was that.

Not that I ever went to preschool, mind you.

Here in Northern Virginia (and probably a lot of other parts of the country) it's not so easy. Admission is done by a lottery system, which means one has to get her child on a few lists to have any reasonable belief he'll get to attend preschool.

Cause apparently if he doesn't attend preschool he'll be forever behind academically and limited doing the only thing dumdums are good at, writing poetry.

Mama wants a doctor. A real doctor, not one of those love doctors.

There's also the looming potty training issue. To attend, he has to be pooping in the pot come September.

And now the added stress, my 2008 Vedic astrology report just arrived and said: "The 5th Lord Venus is not well placed in the dussthana 6th house which is not very good for the career of your son. He will not get very good results in his career during 2008."

Not even 3 and already having a bad career year! I think I'll make some space for him in my cave and together we'll wait it out for 2009.



At 3:19 AM, Blogger sadasiva108 said...

well, us vedic astrologers think it is best to be prepared.

don't worry so much about those cookbook explanations. Venus as 5th lord id also 12th lord in the 6th and vipareet raja yoga placement -- showing strength through solitude.

Give him space,.. !

best wishes,
Sam Geppi


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