Thursday, November 13, 2008

Letter to Sam

Facebook is a strange a thing. Last night it suggested that I might know one of Chris' high school friends despite our not having a single mutual friend or connection in our profiles. The stranger thing is that I do actually know her although we hadn't heard from her in over a decade. Chris wanted me to friend her, but I said no because she's not really my friend, she's his. If she friended me, I would accept, but I'm not going out of my way clicking that "Add as a Friend" button, if you know what I mean. I suggested that he open an account and friend her himself. Chris wants no part of Facebook, he's a LinkedIn kind of guy. Instead we Googled her and discovered that she's a real estate agent in Texas who puts God first, her family second and then her career. Her real estate bio said that when she's not with her family she's curled up with a good book, which I first misread as the good book, which changes the meaning and implied inconsistency with her earlier statement of family second. But like I said, I misread it, possibly projected, no inconsistency, she checks out. During our Googling we also discovered her profile on LinkedIn, so perhaps she and Chris can reconnect after all.


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