Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I did not dash downstairs to join Chris for breakfast this morning. I'm taking my time, indulging in a proper shower, putting my clothing on right side forward and will then enjoy my meal in sweet solitude. Probably best considering how badly my throat my hurts -- caught a cold early on this trip. I haven't decided what I'm doing today -- the plan was the Rijksmuseum, which I may still do, depending how I feel after breakfast.

Yesterday the Van Gogh museum was crazy crowded, but still quite good. After that I went to "Our Lord in the Attic" because secret rooms intrigue me. There was lots of stuff on St. Nicholas which excited me because as a child we used to put out our shoes out on St. Nicholas Eve for him to fill with gifts and candy. My grandfather told us he was the German Santa Claus, but there's more to it than that. These past few months, I've been dreaming a lot about secret rooms and connecting with Christianity, so I sat in front of the altar, said a little prayer and waited for a sign. If a sign happened, I missed it because there were loud children running about. Or maybe that was the sign: Don't Spank the Children. That's a pretty good sign, I guess.

In the evening we ate at an Indonesian restaurant, paid for by some nerd company, I'm not sure which. This group of nerds were on good behavior and we had mostly a non-nerd conversation, which of course I appreciated.

Now Chris is sending me links to casinos, which I don't think I can afford. Besides, why hop on the tram when there's a room right outside my hotel window that says GAMBLING/ARCADE, a few doors down from the erotic shop, the same chain that was next to our Berlin hotel. Chris argued that it was a CD shop, but trust me, it's not. Of course, considering the 12 cents I have left in the stock market, maybe a casino would be a smarter investment. Maybe tonight I'll ditch the nerds and meet up with Daniel Craig. I didn't pack my evening gown although I did bring a cute jean skirt. Maybe I could hook up with his little brother, Chuckie Craig?


At 8:49 PM, Blogger Collin Kelley said...

You are such a jetsetter. ;)


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