Monday, March 23, 2009

I owe many people e-mails and I am slowly working through them. I'm exhausted. Gideon is sick AGAIN. I'm behind on projects AGAIN. I'm just not hustling right now. I'm in no mood to hustle. Spent the afternoon pretending I was sick too, watching cartoons with Gideon.

This morning it took me over 30 minutes to transcribe one of my two dreams. In fact, I had to stop in the middle so not to be late for Gideon's speech therapy and continued when I returned

Sometimes I have very long, detail oriented dreams that just go on and on. In this dream there was a veterinarian office, which was also my dentist, two distinct visits to my dentist, brightly colored foamy substance all over the dentist's office that was attributed to an exploding squirrel, a very suspicious nurse who interrogated me as to why I was in waiting room, a guy with drinking straws poking out of the skin on his face, two poets, one of whom I had to make clear I AM NOT PLAYING FOOTSIES, and the other showed me a gift that I hoped was for me, but was really for his daughter, a school bus with strange graffiti that used to belong to the Obama campaign, an irresponsible man who was supposed to be my father and made me late to my first dentist appointment, a book review magazine that I already read, women folk not wanting to sit next to one another, an ugly green outfit, plans for a family photo shoot and a wild accusation that I bought a dog brush.

This is why I'm so tired.


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