Thursday, April 02, 2009

We're in Amherst. Gideon is asleep and enjoying (another) fever. Third one in three weeks. His preschool is a god damn germ factory.

I'm not sure if tomorrow's event is open to the public or just U of Mass students, so I won't post the particulars here, but I'll be doing a roundtable discussion about independent publishing with Jedediah Berry (Small Beer Press) and Chris Janke (Slope Editions).

Saturday night I'm taking advantage of a free room (on a Saturday!) and $100 in free slot play at the Borgata. See, this recession isn't all bad. I'm gonna get back what those bastards took from me last year at TB's bachelorette party.

Gideon and Chris will take advantage of the fancy swimming pool. Er, if Gideon is feeling better.

Thirty minutes until the doors open for NaPoWriMo #3. Will I be able to write a poem in this strange hotel room?

Stay tuned.


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