Sunday, February 03, 2008

Last Night of AWP Dream

Jill Essbaum and I visited Bruce Covey in Atlanta. Carly Sachs lived in Atlanta too and at her house something Jewish was going on. It was time to go home so Bruce dropped Jill and me off at the airport. Jill and I started walking through the lines. I bumped into a balding Fritz Ward dressed like a business man. He wanted to chat and I told Jill to go ahead, but suddenly I realized we left our suitcases and purses at Carly/Bruce's house (same place). I didn't have my cell phone, but Jill had hers and I called Bruce to hurry back home, pack all our shit and return to the airport. We didn't have IDs to board and I couldn't leave without my make-up. I think Bruce came through, but he sure gave me a lot of grief about the whole episode.


At 3:54 PM, Blogger Fritz said...

balding and a business suit? shit no! that sounds more like a nightmare than a dream to me.


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