Friday, February 13, 2004

Out Of Service

Just got back from a late supper with Mr. Gimpie who entertained me with stories of his Miami trip.

A useful Valentine's Day Guide. Oh, and if you're over the age of 18, stuffed animals scream emotionally stunted freak. Unless you're Sam and decorate your kitchen with them. That has the very eery whisper of REDRUM.

Just call me a romantic:

Love, Sincere

Warned about the blisters in the biscuits,
I swore, only one wedding
no matter how many husbands.
Breakfast might be sweet
but there’s always lunch – the eating trail to obesity.
Who would love me then?
One ceremony, one vow
not a threat, not an ice pick beneath the pillow,
my love, sincere.

If you leave me, I’ll call on pigeons
and their filth to rain my wrath.
If you leave me, I’ll burn the curtains.
A woman scorned is a home scorched.
Now get the lumber and glue,
build me that shrine to Vishnu.
Time to celebrate six years.
Let’s buy that bigger house,
fill it full of stuff,
never dust lamp shades.

I'm going out-of-town this weekend and won't be back until Sunday. Hopefully when I get back there will be a phatback blog to link to.


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