Friday, June 25, 2004

Sinks in My Dreams

Tony Robinson was sending vibes this afternoon and I dreamt this:

I was starting an online literary journal and I decided to separate the computer from the sink. This was a groundbreaking idea because I realized I didn't need to connect the sink to the computer (all the other online journals did, like sheep!). I decided that instead of a sink, I'd do an outside fountain in a greenhouse and the fountain would brew coffee that I would sell. It was brillant, but I started fretting about how would I deliver this coffee and would people just order the dry coffee and brew it themselves and how was I going to get the journal's name on the coffee if I wasn't brewing it?

There was also something about having to go to Home Depot to get the parts to build the fountain and not getting there until late because the people who were helping me were watching TV and buying cheap watches with silver ceramic roses on the crystal. I got angry so my father wrote me a list of everything I'd need to construct the fountain and told me to do it myself. He also told me to put the fountain somewhere where the dogs wouldn't pee.


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