Saturday, November 20, 2004

High Speed Pittsburgh

We arrived in Pittsburgh a little before midnight. It's raining and it only took me 30 minutes to slip on a slick step and bruise my knee. Damn it, why couldn't this be Maryland? I could have got Tender Buttons, Esq. on the case and secured my son's Ivy league education. Tomorrow is our 1st of 2 baby shower's. We'll be announcing the "name" there. While talking on the phone with TB this evening I accidently said it so now she knows. I doubt that will stop her from playing the shower game and trying to collect the prize.

We'll be here until the day after Thanksgiving. My old man buckled under the pressure and got DSL (so we'd have no excuse not to visit in the future with the grandchild). So expect fairly regular updates next week. Maybe even a few pictures (if I like how I look). I'm a little behind on e-mail, but will catch up this weekend. I got a nice invite out of the blue to a poetry party right by TB's abode.

Oh, and for everyone keeping score. Today I had a bean burrito and rice for lunch, hot chocolate for a snack, a roll, piece of chicken and french fries for dinner and two "fun size" candy bars. Is that enough fattening crap to satisfy you bastards?


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