Thursday, December 02, 2004

So Now You Know

Phatback and "big-balls" (that's real sweet, dear, good one) know me best. Makes sense, they've known me the longest (aside from Sam who's been to my house numerous times, yet thought the walls in my writing studio were avocado).

A few things, Spike is my #1 heart throb (Angel would be #2 in that category). The beauty of Spike is he's a hot guy you can abuse and he'll keep coming back. I like that. But while I would make late night visits to his crypt, the hell if I would ever move in and set up a nursery there! Besides, do you really think I'd bring a vampire to meet my family? My family would appreciate Riley. He's the sturdy marrying type. The problem with Angel is that he's a mopey bastard. I could only put up with that for so long before I staked him. Also, that "gypsy curse" would put a damper on the relationship. As far as I'm concerned, Angel is damaged goods.

Mickey is my #1 Monkee. He's funny. Mike would be my #2 choice. Peter is too dorky and Davy is too wimpy. I like my men to be men, not boys.

As for the bullets and the knife gifts. A few months after Chris and I started dating, he turned 21 and purchased a gun so he could join his buddies at the range for target practice. I was a broke senior in college and with limited funds for a birthday gift. I was trying to impress him with the bullets, show him what a cool girlfriend I was. Instead he thought it was weird. But in my defense, a lot of other guys at the time thought it was a rather dreamy thing of me to do. A few months later for Christmas, Chris gave me a big chef knife because he often cooked at my apartment and I had no cutlery.

Most of you assumed I started my life of crime small (Dentyne Chewing Gum). Hardly! I'm a Capricorn. I have ambitions. I really wanted those tarot cards, they were $20 and in 8th grade my allowance was only a buck a week.

As for the "poet nailing" questions, if you were hurt or offended by that, it just goes to prove it would never work between us because I'm just too mean.


At 8:47 PM, Blogger Whimsy said...

Me too, Capricorn-wise. That makes 1) Reb 2) Richard Nixon 3) Jesus Christ. At least I'm in interesting company. Why do they always says we're such ambitious nose-to-the-grindstoners? I'm really a pretty fun guy.

Of course, a What Would Nixon Do bracelet might get a rise out of somebody on the subway.

At 2:07 AM, Blogger Reb said...

It all depends on what your "rising sign" is -- mine is Gemini (that's what makes me so "fun").


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