Sunday, November 28, 2004


I find the best time to write and focus on manuscripts is when I'm avoiding/neglecting other responsibilities. For example, right now I should be making some semblence of the clothing/linens explosion upstairs before the guy arrives tomorrow morning to measure for new carpet. But instead I'm working on one of my chapbook manuscripts that I've been tinkering with over the past few months. I have it sectioned into three parts.

Charm's Vandalism

Part 1: Woo-Woo!

"No Bra Required"
"Almost Took a Lover Once"
"God Box"
"Great Man"
"Seven Spell"

Part 2: The Slow, Long Ignore

"Brunch with Cordelia"
"Another Roundabout"
"Dashed Prospect"

Part 3: The Keyed Car Door

"Who the Man Was"
"Luna Park"
"Men of Saturn"
"The Genius of Simplicity"
"Seven Heed"
"Apologies for Ice"
"Much We Could Do"


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