Saturday, December 04, 2004

Wanted: Affluent Local Relatives with Big Houses

Last night I attended a cocktail party/reading in honor of Carly Sachs who's poem "the story" was selected for inclusion in the 2004 Best American Poetry. The party was held at her cousin's lovely house which got me thinking -- I need some relatives with big fancy houses in D.C. too so I can throw literary parties. I told Tender Buttons to get herself a real estate agent and she made some crack about me getting her a job and I cracked right back telling her I did my part and now it was her turn. Lawyers, I swear, always trying to squeeze the last drop out of you.

It was my first in-person meeting with Carly, who graciously invited me sight-unseen based on the fact that our work has appeared in a number of the same places, we have several mutual acquaintances and we're both from Pittsburgh (technically she's from Youngstown, OH, but I'm not holding that against her). I also met some other D.C. poets, people I probably should have made a more concerted effort in the past to meet. One fellow told me that he had assumed "Reb" was a dude. Well, I do kinda have man hands. That's close.

Tomorrow is my VA shower. Got a manicure.


At 3:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you made it and looking forward to more swank poetry parties!!! Next time at your house :)



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