Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mayflower Madman

I always get The Mayflower Madam and The Happy Hooker confused. I remember both books from the family library when I was a child, but for some bizarre reason, I never read them. I'm pretty sure Tender Buttons did and that would explain everything.

Had a brief rendezvous this afternoon with The Happy Booker, not to be confused with The Happy Hooker. I think. No, I'm pretty sure, not the same woman. Anyhow, she invited me to write an informal poetry column for her book blog and I agreed and I have three gorgeous chapbooks sitting right next to me that I plan on writing about. Timing baby, it's all about timing.

Speaking of whom, somebody is just waking up. Damn it!


At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I smile everytime I notice "The Happy Booker" link on your blog. I never did read the Mayflower Madam though.



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