Sunday, September 25, 2005

Breaking Bread with a PILF

This morning we had brunch with Ken Rumble and his adorable daughter, Violet. Ken ordered the Eggs Benedict. He wore an orange t-shirt that matched Violet's dress. I should have taken a picture of Ken with Gideon, but forgot. Probably best I didn't. It would have been a shame to dash Gideon's chance at a run for the White House at such a tender age. See, Ken was in town protesting against our government.

And, he's like a weirdo poet.

Chris Vitiello and his daughter were also supposed to join but ditched us for bigger and better things. Imagine that was also for the best. I'm sure any association with C.V. would be a hurdle for Gideon. I mean, C.V. is both an anti-war protestor AND a graduate of the Naropa Institute. He's practically a hippie.

So what poets should I be introducing to Gideon? Who is going to best serve my son's rise to power? Yes, I do believe motherhood has changed the way I look at poetry.


At 10:03 AM, Blogger Ken Rumble said...

Some say weirdo, some say tomawtoe -- c'est la vie, aye??

At 12:46 AM, Blogger Jill said...

Well, I think we've already established that it's best to keep him away from me... (and that could go for a number of your no-tell lovelies, in truth).

And you want to keep him away from the dandies and the foppish (those, I won't name). He's far too impressionable for any of the Romantics-- From Byron and Keats to Li-Young Lee).

And speaking of Li-Young, ix-nay on anyone too ethnic.

Keep him away from lesbian and language poets both.

Read Robert Bly to him at your own risk.

Anyone who pays more than a passing attention to drugs, alchohol, illicit sex, and run-ins with the law is (or ought to be) verboten.

Too, I'd shy away from anyone of those Polish poets. Their names are too hard to spell.

So, I'd say the choice is obvious and clear:

Rod McKuen.

But I think it might be safe to introduce him to, say,


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