Sunday, March 05, 2006

Cosmo Poet

Got my pajama party nightie -- washable silk! -- matching robe! Whew. I was getting worried.

I hadn't had a haircut since December, but was able to walk in and get one this afternoon. Not my usual hair stylist, but I wasn't being picky. This stylist went on a great deal about how much fun my hair was to blow dry. Seems my hair is very flirty (it likes to flip!), but not slutty. Really. So come up to the No Tell table and compliment my hairdo -- I'll give you a free postcard and piece of cinnamon hard candy. There's your ice breaker. But don't harsh my giddiness like she did by then pointing out that I'm desperately in need of color. No candy for the jackass who points that out.

She also noted that she could tell I had a small child at home by observing the ferocity I read two Cosmos while waiting my turn. Apparently I never looked up once and gave her that "Is it my turn yet?" look. I was lost in the world of the magazine.

Can you blame me? One issue had a fold-out map of all his erogenous zones. Now I'm not particularly good reading maps, on the road when Chris asks for navigation assistance I usually just stare at the map until he pulls over and snatches it back -- but this Cosmo map didn't have a bunch of lines and numbers and I'm pretty sure I read it correctly.

Washable silk. Flirty hair. How-to gleamed from a map. Watch out Austin.


At 1:33 PM, Blogger Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Sorry for leaving the long, but I wanted to make sure you got this invite. If you could post it, that would great. Hope to see you there!
Wednesday 6:30 - ? 6 - 9?
Pecan Tree Restaurant & Blue Bonnet Banquet Room
Holiday Inn Austin Town Lake
20 North Highway 35
(esquina del rio y carretera)

Orale! TIME TO GREEZE! Who's up for meeting po'bloggers everywhere? I'm up for hosting a meet & greet marathon monopoem reading, dinner, drinks on wednesday evening especially for all my poetry blog buddies - that means you, buddy! Esa!

Let me know as soon as you can, RSVP, and give me a ball park figure on who all would be interested in private sit-down banquet buffet for $25, buffet & host bar for $40, or bar in room for reading (sit-down & order food & drink off restaurant menu first) or, hey, we're all poets, we're all poor. We'll buy our tacos elsewhere and convene later in the boardroom. So just let me know who can come - the more the merrier & more economical, especially if y'all can chip in. Otherwise, we'll have food, water, juice, beer, wine, witty new friends (even if only on the page) and poetry. What else is there? Love? PISH-TUSH. O, was that a hair? So, hey, grab your sweetie, round up your buddies, avoid the posse and poesy over to Town Lake (the river, son) and convene beneath the shadow of the freeway with me & my "bums and babblers." Any time you get there is when you're there.

But I have to order (commit cash) by today, and I have no idea if there are a dozen of us or 4 times that.

Come help me celebrate my new book in 15 years, DRIVE: The First Quartet by reading me your best poem. And help us unite - You have nothing to lose but your poems! Don't be shy (like me) - POETRY ON!

$50 will get you a signed copy of DRIVE, a banquet buffet (selection of 2 entrees, sides, desserts, etc. let me know veggie/ vegan food preferences), no-host bar & a cool place to meet up with other poets.

Or, whatever level you can contribute & I'll spring for the room, service & tax, maybe snacks. Or, just let me know you'd like to just come, or contribute only so much, or would prefer we all order off the menu (more time) and carry our drinks from The Tavern. (We can't bring any food or drink into the hotel.) We may even have SONG!

So, spread it around!

PoetDee AT LornaDeeCervantes DOT ya'know

YEA!! (I'm hearing Donna Summers in my head - somebody help me! Read me a poem!

I'm so excited. . .

At 5:51 PM, Blogger carly said...

I'll be doing one better than my tie you know whats from Baltimore!!!


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