Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ain't That the Truth

From Mr. Tong Bliss' Journal:

13. Do you write poems to woman for like birthdays and anniversaries since woman seem to love that?

Not anymore! Woman didn't like the poems I wrote to them when I was a teenager even though I thought woman would be all into it. Woman get real creeped out by poems, you know? So I don't give woman poems no more. However, I do send my chapbooks to a lot of womans who write poems and would dig the poems, but not random womans I've just met in a bar, dig, never, nothing like that, ever. Poetry scare the womans away, ya heard.


I just realized other people are linking to this quote too -- but I'm leaving it up here because it's that good.

p.s. I generally like poems written for me -- if they're good.


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