Friday, April 07, 2006


The Livingston-Morrow Anniversary Guide is as follows:

10 Years - A silver and amethyst bracelet (with a few "accent" diamonds) or Camcorder

The bracelet is very beautiful -- it matches the Happiness ring. Happiness ring? The Happiness ring was what Chris gave me the day Gideon was born -- because we were, you know, happy, and amethyst is Gideon's birthstone, so that's like, appropriate. In no way construe this as payment for delivery of an heir. Oh, no no no. There are no bribes in this household.

When Chris opened his gift, I whispered, "To record our love making." Ten seconds passed and I yelled "Hah! You wish. It's to record the boy. Everything is for the boy! Our lives are now the boy!"

And that was when Chris knew his wife had not been replaced with a fembot.


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