Tuesday, June 13, 2006

OK, Show's Over

No more comments about that -- I've never turned off comments on a post before, but enough.

To recap, this blog is for me to write about whatever I wish. Often my thoughts will touch upon my "personal" life and that includes family, friends, how I live my life, what I had for dinner, how I spent my day, what I like, what I don't, what showed up in my mailbox and anything else I feel like discussing.

This blog is not a referendum on whether or not I'm a good person, good parent, good wife, good poet, good editor, good friend, good cat owner, etc. My existence in physical form extends to my blog existence. I have the freedom to exist how I please and if a stranger at the grocery store gleams something by the way I'm dressed, something I say, or whatever and takes it upon himself to point out what he perceives as my shortcomings, flaws, selfishness, I don't care how passionate he is about Jesus Christ his savior, I'm going to tell him to go fuck himself.

If my existence, the way I live my life, the decisions I make for my son and family, how I spend my money, if these things are an affront to your existence, to your beliefs, to all things you hold near and dear -- please, for the sanctity of your own soul, don't visit this blog. I don't advertise it. I don't ask people to visit. You'll never see this URL on the side of a bus, written in the sky or in your spam filter. You will not be forced to read it for class or on a plane. I warn you, I will write more about my creative projects, I will talk more of No Tell Motel, No Tell Books, my poems, my manuscripts and my other projects. I will be travelling this year to give readings, speak on panels, sell books and promote these projects and in almost all of these cases I will not have my son with me. He will be with his father, his grandmothers, his aunts and with a lovely woman who manages a home daycare in my bourgeois neighborhood where we have garbage pick-up twice a week. I don't consider that a tradeoff -- I think it's fucking great.

You don't have to think it's great. You can think whatever you like. I'm not asking you to think anything. I'm not asking you.

Also, I will purchase items I don't really need. In most cases, I will pay retail. I may pay someone to give me a pedicure even though I'm physically capable of giving myself one and already own all the products to do so. I will eat at restaurants even though I have a kitchen. I will curse even though it's not especially becoming of a lady. I will occasionally consume alcohol even though it has the potential to make me ill. Sometimes I will play nickel slots and roulette and 9 times out of 10 lose all the money I brought along.

Please, nobody follow my example. I make no assertions of my role model-ness. I do not exist to inspire your greatness.

So unless I specifically ask "Do these pants make my ass look fat?" do not presume it is your place to inform me on the status of my ass.

I will not change into another pair. I will not respond kindly.