Sunday, December 10, 2006

New Haven - No Tell Books Northeastern Tour

Tuesday evening, the four of us read at The Ordinary Evening Reading Series in the Anchor Bar. It was a nice space and the audience were good listeners and gracious. Alice Mattison, Ann Leamon and Jude Stewart were the curators.

Bruce read second, the guy sitting in this picture is Josh Beckman's dad, Paul. After the reading, I gave Paul Beckman an earful about Josh Beckman not inviting me to read on the poetry bus when they came to DC.

Below is my friend Randall. The first poetry reading he attended was one I gave as an undergrad where I read a poem I wrote for him called "Boyhood Dreams of Breasts." It was all about a little boy who was trying to grow his own breasts. Despite that, Randall still shows up to my readings. Randall also meets up with me at Foxwoods to play slots. I consider Randall my slot soul mate -- and he doesn't even play slots.

PF had ants in his pants and moved around his entire reading.

Did I mention Bruce's parents came to the reading? Whenever I meet parents of poets I always inquire to what exactly they did wrong to make their kid a poet. Encouragement and support appears to be the common theme.

Kid Prose Poem and The Poetry Giant became very good friends on this tour -- which is good, because I had them share a hotel room.

The End (Well, not quite, tomorrow I'll talk about getting books into stores)


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Randy always was such a good kid!

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