Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New Issue of GALATEA RESURRECTS #5 (A Poetry Engagement)

is here. 56 new reviews!

William Allegrezza reviews ELAPSING SPEEDWAY ORGANISM by Bruce Covey

"Humor, though, makes these poems stand out. Covey’s humor is quirky, paratactic, and interesting. He throws in lines that seem to come from nowhere, like “If your socks wear out, try my yellow ones” or “Is Hart Crane a style of kung fu?” The lines come at us sideways, so we have to step back and see what’s happening."

Jeannine Hall Gailey reviews NAVIGATE, AMELIA EARHART'S LETTERS HOME by Rebecca Loudon

"Acutely sensual, startlingly agonizing, these poems reveal an individual, likeable but idiosyncratic and aching with a desire for freedom even at the cost of life itself."

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