Monday, February 05, 2007

Burlesque Hits the Big Time (in free DC publication)

Taking It Off for Your Art, by Sandra Beasley (text only)

Or if you want to see all the pretty pictures (you know you do), view the PDF here.

"Celebrating its second year in 2007, Burlesque Poetry Hour challenges the conventions of arts nightlife in Washington, DC. “I think people are looking for more fun and sexy things here,” observes cofounder Carly Sachs, who hosts the series under the name Lolita. “DC can be a button-up town at times. What I love best is that people stay afterwards and drink and chat together…I know this is a strange way to build community, but I think it does.”

Reb Livingston, the cofounder otherwise known as Gilda, recognizes another benefit to the auction element: “The money goes directly to the poet. It’s his or her payment for reading and encouragement not to suck.”

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At 8:32 AM, Blogger Jessica Smith said...

that's an awesome (and so pretty!) article! (good job sandra!) yay, congrats!


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