Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Let's Make Lots of Money

A few weeks ago I became very concerned about how Chris was spending his time online. Every time I'd glance at his laptop screen, he was here.

I didn't tell anyone about this. I was too ashamed.

Then I read this article about how the guy who created that dumb ass kitty cat site makes an estimated $5,600 in monthly revenue.

A couple days ago I looked at our bank statement and saw a $100 deposit from Google Adsense and remembered we get one of those every few months for this site Chris created with a script years ago. Aside from telling a few friends about it, he never advertised or promoted it. It became a word of mouth thing and every day thousands of people go here to view, sometimes vote or make obnoxious comments on the most recent 25 pictures uploaded on LiveJournal. Apparently people just sit at work and hit reload all day -- which is kind of amazing because many of the pictures posted to LiveJournal are not work appropriate.

A while back I had Google Adsense on this blog and it took me a year to make $100 -- and I'm pretty sure most of that was because one my friends made a regular habit of clicking on the ads. Guess I wasn't posting enough pictures.

Someday I'm gonna figure out this internet thing and when I do, there will be no end to my cultural capital.


At 1:52 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Dumbass kitty site? That is the funniest thing ever to happen on the web -- that they only clear $65K is making me cry for the future of passive income streams as we know them.

At 1:37 PM, Blogger cornshake said...

omg. i Looooooove that kitty site. it always cracks me up and have been meaning to post about it!


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