Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Judgment Day: It Has Begun

TB selected her wedding dress today. Wait till Tender Vittles gets a load of her -- she's gonna look so amazing, I'm starting to think I won't need to bring along that shotgun afterall.

Ok, now that I got the positive note out of the way, let me begin what will likely be the inauguration of my year-long wedding industry bitchfest.

Two weeks ago TB narrowed down her selection to three gowns. She couldn't decide, so we thought we'd come back on a day when she hadn't tried on 50 dresses in the span of a few hours. We did, as I said, two short weeks later -- and of course, the price of all the wedding dresses went up at least $200 per. Well, TB handled that with aplomb and received the original price.

Dream dress selected, the saleswoman brought out the veils -- one looked fetching. It was simple, just some sheer netting with satin trim attached to thin plastic hair comb. What do you think the retail mark-up is on an item with about $2 of materials and maybe 30 minutes (at most) of assembly?

Over $400.


TB asked to see some less expensive veils. The cheapest one the saleswoman showed us was $180 -- that was just sheer netting attached to a hair comb.

We looked on eBay and found a slew of brand new, very similar veils for $9.99.

Coming Soon: The Matron's turn -- bridesmaid dresses!



At 8:30 AM, Blogger Talia said...

Yes, those veils have ridiculous prices. The one I wanted was $400 or so, which is like twice what I paid for my clearance-rack gown, so I found a nifty-sewing friend to make it for me, and I paid her $40. That's the way to go.


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