Friday, February 29, 2008

Completely demoralized and it's not even noon. Just toured another preschool and it's really not right for Gideon. The office was completely disorganized and the "tour" wasn't that and the biggest deal is that it's really designed for 5 days a week (they don't separate curriculums for 3 day kids). I don't want Gideon to start out with 5 days a week, I still want some time with him. He can do 5 days for Pre-K next year. So I don't even think I want to put a deposit down at this place which means I have to keep looking and scheduling tours -- and it's really late, and most places are full. I know where I want him to go, but we're waitlisted and likely won't know for sure until this summer.

And I can't believe what a pain in the ass this all is. I don't feel like I'm being that picky.

Update: Another appointment scheduled today at 1 p.m. with a preschool run through a church -- something I was avoiding, but this was recommended by a friend of Chris' and I'm told it's not especially religious. Their 3 day program is full (sigh, another waiting list!), but there's still slots in the 2 day. I'd prefer 3 days, but a 2 day program designed for 2 days -- is better than sending him 3 days to a 5 day program where he's going to miss everything.


At 2:15 PM, Blogger Shann Palmer said...

Some of the best programs around here are church-run, of course, also some of the worst. (I've worked in some of the better ones-Episcopalian,Baptist, and Methodist- and was fired from one of the worst-Presbyterian- long story).

Montessori- if there's anything close- both my kids did pre-school Montessori and they're fucking geniuses- totally- and independent free-thinkers.

Good luck-


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