Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Lulu released a terse statement saying that the new Amazon policy won't affect books printed by Lulu. I have no idea what deal was struck but it appears that No Tell Books will still be available on Amazon, for the time being. Not that I'm encouraging anyone to buy from there.

More holes in Amazon's ha-ha statement that they're implementing these changes for the benefit of their customers.

You know I guess I can't blame Amazon. In today's day and age, who knows what you can get away with unless you try. People commit atrocities and we re-elect them. So why not give shady, strong-armed business tactics a whirl? Most people's attention spans and memories are short.

Except my memory. I remember everything and my grandkids will be hearing all about this. Sunday dinners with Grandma Rebbie will be #1 Old-Timey Memory Lane Joy Time!

In my day, when we were pissed off, we didn't burn holes in each others foreheads with our fancy mnemonic eye rays, we ranted on our blogs--and posted graphics of solidarity forwarded from our blog buddies. And it was better that way!


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