Saturday, September 20, 2008

No Tell Nominations

Every year No Tell Motel nominates poems for "best of" anthologies as a way to bring further attention to the poems and poets it publishes. It's another way to acknowledge the work in addition to the original publication. As far as I'm concerned, if by doing so introduces the poem, poet or magazine to just a few new readers, it's all worth it.

NTM's Best of the Net 2008 Nominations (Sundress)

"Bupleurum Wandering Chamber" by Anna Maria Hong

"[ directions to my house ]" by Brent Goodman

"Poem in Which I Sort of Break Down" by Clay Matthews

"pink-think (a primer for girls of other colors)" by Evie Shockley

"That Morning" by Rauan Klassnik

"Saw This & Marked It" by Mia Nussbaum

NTM's Best of the Web 2009 Nominations (DZANC Books)

"Alys: Architect, Prodigal and Witch." by Paula Mendoza-Hanna

"Jack’s Physical" by Scott Glassman

"Immigration Quotas" by Marcela Sulak



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