Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Just a note regarding yesterday's post about the Facebook translator -- a few folks posted or wrote concerned that I was getting too entangled with him. First, thanks to everyone looking out for me -- maybe I overstated the situation, but I haven't invested much time into it. I will e-mail my poems to pretty much anybody who asks, Charlie Manson, Sarah Palin . . . and that's all I did. I get approached by editors on a regular basis, occasionally in strange ways that turn out to be for perfectly legitimate projects. Since I'm used to dealing with this strangeness from poets, I tend to give people more benefit of the doubt than they deserve -- as in this case -- meaning a chance to clarify. But that's all -- and there was no clarification so that's done. No more contact. I might be an asshole, but I'm not a fool. My point which I seem to have poorly demonstrated in that post is that sloppy, lazy correspondence can easily get lumped into this kind of shady correspondence (which I certainly recognized as shady). This is a note to "real" editors, poets and other folks -- don't send requests or official business correspondences to my Facebook (or Goodreads) accounts. You're coming off a lot like that guy -- even if your intent is good. And I am tiring of giving people the benefit of the doubt which means if you don't approach me properly I am gonna disregard your communication.


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